Portraiture by Aaron Dunkerton 

By casting with paper nets, folded into 3D moulds, the preparation time was reduced from two weeks required for plaster moulds, to only two hours.A system was devised to showcase this process. Proportional data was collected from individual people, and put through a series of formulas producing measurements and dimensions of each net.The cast pot physically visualises the proportion, age and gender of the subject, generating the pots size, number of sides and the size of each face.

Glass tableware by Chiara Andreatti 

Collection of glass tableware from a real ‘fusion’ between the craftsmanship of the blown glass and industrial precision of metal photoengraving. Thanks to the metals thermal properties, the nets are ‘dipped’ during the blowing on the bottom of each object, creating a contemporary graphisms game. Made for the Gallery Basile Arteco.

Make&Mold BIO Vase by HandMade Industrials

The Make&Mold Project started as a low cost thermoplastic modelling process, in order to reclaim industrial materials and technique’s used in conventional plastic molding industry. This self-developed process is patented and consist of various intelligent production processes, based on a single wall molding technique.


Make : Hanson Of London 
Film : Robert Francis Müller  


Ferm Living danish homeware brand


How awesome are these beautiful hand cut faceted bowls by @misskellymadeintasmania?! Check out the colour range on our website. www.kreohome.com.au


Make : Judith Motzkin
Film : Michael Piazza  



Julia Smith lives in Scotland and makes pots. Throwing and shaping by hand. She is directly inspired by the natural landscape around her.