Willow Tree Art Direction / Bunch

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Make : Lubna Chowdhary 
Film : Jamie Isbell  


Gabbia Lamps - a collection of handcrafted bamboo lamps by Rui Pereira and Ryosuke Fukusada. #craftsmanship #japan #livemindful #industrial #design


The Vulkan Beehive by Snøhetta


A Drawing Machine that Records the Chaos of Pinball

From the pendulum-based drawing machine by Eske Rex to the art of Tim Knowles who attaches writing implements to trees, I love when the seemingly random lines of chaos (or maybe just physics) are rendered visible using ink or pencil. This latest project titled STYN by Netherlands-based graduate student Sam van Doorn is no exception. Using modified parts from an old pinball machine van Doorn created a one-of-a-kind drawing device that utilizes standard flippers to control a ink-covered sphere that moves across a temporary poster placed on the game surface. He suggets that skill then becomes a factor, as the better you are at pinball the more complex the drawing becomes. See much more on his website, here. My drawing would have a single line that goes between the flippers and then have TILT written all over it. (via lustik)

Overlap by Ildikó Valicsek.


Recent textile design graduate Ildikó Valicsek has created an ingenious series of patterns whose endless, eye-popping variations belie the meticulous, systematic approach behind them. The pattern system, called “Overlap”, was her master’s graduation project from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest.

Over three months, Valicsek experimented with different patterns, reducing them to their simplest elements, investigating how they could be overlaid to create new patterns and testing combinations of colours.

“This is a concept about how to create an endless and modular pattern collection of very similar, basic and geometric elements, that communicate with each other,” says the Hungarian designer, who compiled her pattern designs into a book.

She came up with five basic layers that, when combined, can generate other patterns. She coded these five “starter” patterns alphabetically from A to E so that they function as a font.


Make : Otis James 
Film : Joe Gomez  


Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, Conjectures to Identity (Silkscreen on paper), 1963–4.


Home wares and Styling / BOLIA

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